Adopting Beagle Puppies

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Beagles are an extremely popular type of dog due to their friendly personalities and ability to be trained. Whether you are looking to adopt beagle puppies for pets or to use them as hunting dogs, it is important to be prepared for what to expect when bringing these dogs into your family. Be Aware Of The Fact That Beagles Are High-Energy Dogs A common mistake that people make when adopting a dog is failing to consider the energy levels of the animal.

20 December 2021

Taking Your Dog To The Vet For A Broken Toe

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Like you have multiple bones in each of your fingers, dogs have multiple bones in each of their toes. Sometimes, a dog might break one of these bones if someone steps on their paw or if they get their paw stuck in something, such as a fence. If you suspect your dog does have a broken toe, you should take them to a vet hospital. Here's a closer look at this injury and what it involves.

3 August 2021

What Should You Ask Labradoodle Breeders?

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Are you ready to become a pet parent? The labradoodle is a friendly, intelligent, easily trainable cross between a Labrador Retriever and a poodle. If you're interested in adding this curly-coated pup to your family, take a look at the questions to ask labradoodle breeders. Who Are the Parents? The more you know about the Labradoodle puppy's parents, the more you know about your potential future canine companion. While you can't guarantee each puppy will look or act like their parents, genetics do play a role in the dog's appearance, temperament, and more.

17 May 2021