Taking Your Dog To The Vet For A Broken Toe

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Like you have multiple bones in each of your fingers, dogs have multiple bones in each of their toes. Sometimes, a dog might break one of these bones if someone steps on their paw or if they get their paw stuck in something, such as a fence. If you suspect your dog does have a broken toe, you should take them to a vet hospital. Here's a closer look at this injury and what it involves.

What are the signs of a broken toe?

If your dog breaks a toe, the toe itself will generally be quite swollen. The dog may be really sensitive about the toe, refusing to let you touch it or bend it. They may also limp around on that foot. If you watch closely, it may look like they are stepping to the inside or outside of their foot to avoid putting weight on the broken toe. Some dogs may simply hold up the injured paw and avoid walking on it entirely. Take your dog to the vet immediately if you notice these symptoms. If your normal vet is closed, go to an emergency clinic.

How will the vet diagnose a broken toe?

Experienced vets can usually look at an injured toe and know whether or not it is broken. However, to see the extent of the break and make sure there are no additional breaks further up in the paw, they will want to take X-rays. This won't hurt, and it will only take a few minutes. They'll just put a lead shield over most parts of your dog's body, and take an image of the injured foot.

How are broken toes treated?

Treatment depends on the severity of the break. Usually, the vet will be able to put a wrap and a splint on the injured paw for a few weeks, and the bone will heal on its own. If the fracture is really bad, your dog may need surgery to repair the break. This will be done under anesthesia. Screws will generally be used to hold the injured toe bone back together. Your dog may need to spend an extra day or two in the hospital to recover before being sent home.

Broken toes may not be the most major of injuries in dogs, but they are painful, and they do require vet care. Take your dog to a vet hospital promptly if this happens.


3 August 2021

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