Three Ways To Make Your Cat Less Homesick While It's At A Boarding Kennel

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When you're going on an extended vacation or business trip, finding adequate accommodations for a cat can be a real pain. Fortunately, if you don't have any friends you can trust available for cat sitting, putting the cat in a boarding kennel will allow you to go on your trip without worrying too much. If your cat tends to get anxious when it's away from you, check out these three ways to make your cat less homesick while it's at a boarding kennel.

Stay For A Few Minutes As The Cat Meets Other Animals In The Kennel

The cat is going to be at its most anxious when it first meets the other animals staying at the kennel in a common play area. If you're around during the first meeting to comfort the animal, the chances of it either withdrawing completely from social interaction or becoming intolerably aggressive will greatly decrease.

Have the cat's favorite toy on hand while you're meeting with the other animals so that something from a familiar place besides yourself will be there. If you have the time, play with the cat for a couple minutes so that it becomes relaxed and content with where it is.

Give The Cat Something With Your Scent On It

Make sure you give the cat a blanket or pillow sheet that you regularly use so that something with your scent on it will be there the whole time the animal needs to be in the kennel. This will prevent the cat from developing chronic separation anxiety, making it much easier for the animal to relax.

You can lay the blanket or pillow case inside the cat's holding box or kitty cottage yourself while the animal is watching to further reduce the chance of separation anxiety. Make sure to pet the cat constantly so it'll know nothing has gone wrong.

Schedule A Video Conference Call

After a few days have passed and you're either on the road or at your destination, set up a video conference call with the kennel so that the cat can see you face-to-face for a few minutes. While this won't be as effective at relieving anxiety as meeting the cat in person, making the call is better than doing nothing at all. Additionally, if you yourself miss the cat dearly, the call will do a lot to relieve your anxiety as well.

If it's possible, have someone from the kennel hold the cat during the call so that its head can be directed toward the screen. This will ensure that the animal remains focused on the interaction for the entirety of the call.

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10 October 2016

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