Know The Signs: How To Tell When Your Pets Need A Veterinary Hospital

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When you have pets, you want them to stay happy and healthy. One way to do that is to take your pets to the vet for their annual checkups. Annual checkups help the veterinarian stay on top of health concerns. But, there are times when your pets may need a trip to the veterinary hospital. Veterinary hospitals handle the emergencies that can pop up when you have pets. Visible injuries are one reason to visit the veterinary hospital. Unfortunately, some pet emergencies aren't quite so obvious. Read the list below. If you have a pet that's experiencing any of the issues described here, it's time to get them to a veterinary hospital. 

Behavioral Changes

If your pet is exhibiting behavioral changes, they may be in distress. Changes in behavior can include pacing, restlessness, or increased aggression. But, those changes can also include hiding or apprehension. Behavioral changes can be a sign that your pet has an unseen illness or injury. You may also notice that your pet has become more clinging than usual. Or, that they don't want anything to do with physical contact. If you see behavioral changes in your pet, don't wait. Visit a veterinary hospital right away. 


If you've noticed changes in your pet's eyes, they could have a serious medical condition. Things like irritation, inflammation, and discharge can all be signs of medical problems. Some of those conditions include allergies, infections, and injuries. If left untreated, eye problems can lead to blindness. That's why you should take your pet to a veterinary hospital at the first sign of eye problems. 

Loss of Balance

If your dog has developed a problem with their balance, now's the time to seek medical attention for them. Accidents and injuries are often the cause of balance problems. That's especially true if your dog's loss of balance is accompanied by a limp. But, loss of balance can also be a sign of serious neurological problems. And, in dogs, loss of balance can be caused by poisoning, stroke, and infections. That's why immediate medical attention is so important. 

Extreme Thirst

If your pet can't seem to get enough to drink, contact a veterinarian as soon as you can. Increased water intake can be a sign of diabetes. That's especially true if your pet is also urinating more than usual. Luckily, diabetes can be controlled with the right treatment. Your veterinarian can help create an effective treatment plan for your pet. 

For more information, contact a vet hospital near you.


6 September 2023

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