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Goldendoodles have become so popular in recent years. Mini F1B goldendoodles, especially, have become a very sought-after crossbreed. Produced by crossing a miniature poodle with an F1 goldendoodle, these pups end up being three-quarters poodle and one-quarter golden retriever. As such, they tend to be more poodle-like with a few characteristics of golden retrievers. They're sweet, kind, and adorable, and if you are thinking of buying one, you should have plenty of breeders to choose from. As such, it is a good idea to ask lots of questions and make sure you know what you're getting before you buy a mini F1B goldendoodle from a breeder. Here are some smart questions to ask.

How large was the goldendoodle parent?

The pups' one parent should be a miniature poodle, so the size of that parent is pretty obvious. But make sure you ask about the size of the goldendoodle parent. That dog may be closer in size to a golden retriever, or it could be closer in size to a miniature poodle. The larger it is, the larger you can expect the puppy to be. If you want a smaller mini F1B goldendoodle, look for a litter with a smaller goldendoodle parent. If you want a larger mini F1B goldendoodle, look for one with a larger goldendoodle parent.

Have the parents been genetically tested for common poodle ailments?

Because these pups will be 3/4 poodle, they are more likely to have inherited certain diseases from their poodle bloodlines. So, ask whether the puppies' parents have been genetically tested for common poodle ailments including hip dysplasia, Addison's disease, and progressive retinal atrophy. Many breeders do test for these diseases, but it's worth asking to be sure. Bringing home a puppy only to find out that it has a lifelong, chronic disease can be heartbreaking and expensive.

How have the puppies been socialized?

Mini F1B goldendoodles tend to be very friendly toward people and puppies. But sometimes people take this friendliness for granted. To develop and maximize this trait, puppies really do need to meet other dogs and people early on. So, ask how the breeder has socialized their puppies, and make sure you're pleased with what has been done so far.

If you ask these questions before buying a mini F1B goldendoodle, you're more likely to bring home a puppy that's a perfect fit. Reliable breeders are generally more than happy to tell you all you want to know about their puppies.

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21 April 2023

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