When To Take Your Pet To An Emergency Veterinarian

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Whenever your pet acts unnaturally or seems to be in some kind of distress, it is important to get knowledgeable help from an emergency veterinarian. Call an emergency vet as soon as you see a problem to ask for their help to diagnose your pet's condition. An emergency vet may say that you should bring your pet to the emergency pet clinic immediately or that you can watch your pet closely and bring them to the clinic if their condition gets worse. Here are some symptoms and situations when you should seriously consider taking your pet to see an emergency veterinarian: 

Collapse:  If your dog or cat collapses and cannot get up or walk, you need to consider taking them to an emergency vet. Collapse can indicate many serious neurological problems that need to be further diagnosed by veterinary tests and examinations. 

Major Trauma:  If your dog or cat has been hit by a car or fallen from a great height, you need to consider taking them to an emergency vet. Damage from a major trauma event may not be obvious at first. They may seem fine but may have internal damage and bleeding that must be detected and treated right away. 

Ingestion of a Toxin:  If you find evidence that your dog or cat has eaten something toxic, you need to consider taking them to an emergency vet. Many times our pets are attracted to a food or substance that should not be ingested such as anti-freeze or poisonous plants in your garden. These can be deadly to a dog or cat and need to be pumped out immediately. If your pet vomits, try to collect some of their vomit and bring it with you to an emergency pet clinic. 

Breathing Problems:  If your dog or cat has trouble breathing, you need to consider taking them to an emergency vet. Breathing trouble can be inconsistent breathing or very fast or very slow breathing. Serious breathing problems are indicated if your pet is making strange noises when they breathe or if there is an excess amount of fluid that is coming out of their mouth or nose. Breathing problems need knowledgeable diagnosis and care. 

Pain:  If your dog or cat cries out in pain when touched, you need to consider taking them to an emergency vet. The veterinarian may take x-rays of your pet to be able to diagnose what is happening inside of their body. The vet may also want to keep your dog or cat in the pet hospital for observation and to run more extensive tests. Pain is a symptom of many conditions and your emergency vet will know which ones warrant veterinary treatment. 

Unconscious:  If you cannot wake up your dog or cat, you need to consider taking them to an emergency vet. Unconsciousness is an extreme reaction to a major problem. Call your emergency vet and take your pet to an emergency pet clinic immediately. 

The above conditions and symptoms are just some of the times when you should consider taking your pet to an emergency vet. You know your pet's usual behavior and can judge when they are in distress. To prepare for those times, know where you can find a 24-hour emergency veterinarian and have their phone number and address in a handy place so that you can contact them immediately should a problem arise. You can call them at any time of day or night and ask for their advice and help. With a little bit of preparation and knowledge, you can care for your pet in any emergency situation that may arise.


13 February 2017

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