Tips To Prepare For And Buy Your New Yorkie Puppy

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Yorkie dogs are a great companion animal to have in your home: they have a great personality, are a loving breed for you and your family, and are even great around cats if you already have a cat. But when you are considering adopting a Yorkie dog, there are some preparation steps you should handle beforehand and plans to take care of the dog when they are in your care. Here are some tips to help you get prepared for and buy your new Yorkie puppy.

Prepare For Their Needs

One of the first considerations is to buy the essentials for your dog before they even arrive. You don't want to have to make a stop at the pet store on your way home from picking up your new puppy.

Your puppy will need food, a food dish, toys (including chew toys), a collar and leash, a doggy bed for them to sleep on, and a kennel to keep them in for house training or to keep them safe. You can visit a local pet shop to select healthy puppy food to give them the right requirements for their growing body. And some pet stores may even give you discounts or free items for your new dog.

Find Your New Dog

Be on the lookout for your new Yorkie puppy so you can select the size and type of Yorkie appropriate for your family. You can locate a Yorkie breeder in your area with Yorkie puppies for sale through social media or free online ads.

You might also decide to complete a search online for breed rescue organizations that might have a Yorkie that needs a new home. And another great option is to contact your local animal rescue office to see if they have any Yorkies in need of a home. You might find either a puppy or an adult Yorkie in these rescue shelters.

Plan a Training Schedule

Once you have your new Yorkie, depending on whether or not you have an adult or a puppy and whether they have been house trained, you will likely want to handle this training with them. Fortunately, Yorkies are a very smart breed and will quickly learn the rules of using the appropriate area for their potty.

You can use their kennel to help train them through the day, taking them outside frequently. Or you can use another method that you know works well. Either way, take the time and have a little patience to train your new Yorkie about the rules of your home.


20 March 2019

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