Steps to Take Before You Get a Puppy

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When you have been scouring the internet and your local area for puppies for sale, it can be easy to get swept up in the excitement and the cuteness of the prospect of bringing home a puppy. Puppies are sweet, cute, cuddly, and downright incredible. However, before you seriously start looking at the puppies for sale and commit to one, there are some steps that you should take. Get to know some of these steps. Then, you can be sure that you are prepared as possible to bring a new puppy into your household and family. 

Make Sure You Have Extra Time

Having a puppy is so rewarding. However, it is also a lot of work and is a big time commitment. House training, for example, can take a great deal of your time. Young puppies need to get outside every hour or two to relieve themselves. This means, you (or someone in your household) needs to be available to take them out on that schedule. Doing this helps them learn where to relieve themselves that is acceptable to the household and family. Using puppy pads inside is also an option, but this can delay the progress of house training as the puppy may grow accustomed to thinking it is acceptable to urinate and defecate in specific areas of the house. Instilling this habit in them can make it hard to get the puppy fully house trained as early as possible. 

Get a Crate and Other Supplies

When you go to see puppies for sale in person, there is a strong chance that you will come home with one. Puppies are that cute and charming. As such, before you go to the breeder's facility and look at the puppies, you should get some puppy-related supplies. The first thing you will want to get is a crate for the puppy. A crate (or kennel) is a place that the puppy can be confined when you are out of the house or when the puppy just needs time to rest and calm down. It is their safe space where they can feel totally relaxed and comfortable. Having a crate on-hand when you go to look at puppies for sale will ensure that you are ready to take a puppy home with you. Take the crate with you when you go look in case you need to transport one home. Other supplies to get when you are planning to buy a puppy include puppy pads, treats, chew toys, and of course, food. However, with the food you may want to wait until you have purchased your puppy. It is good to keep them on the same food they ate while at the breeder's facility so that you do not upset their stomachs. You can always gradually transition them to a new food later on if you would like to switch. 

Now that you know some of the steps to take before you get a puppy, you can get the process started right away. 


21 September 2020

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After our youngest daughter was in high school, I realized that I liked having people around to take care of and that my window for doing that was closing quickly. Instead of having more children, I decided to see about adopting a pet or two. I looked everywhere for a dog and a cat that would meld well with my lifestyle, and it was incredible to find a pet that I really connected with. However, I was able to find pets that I absolutely adored, and so I made them a part of our home. This blog is here to help new pet owners to adjust to their new situation and to learn to love everything about having new pets.