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If you are one of the millions of Americans who adopted an animal during the COVID-19 pandemic, you are likely finding out that it takes quite a few resources to keep your pet in good health. Regardless of what type of animal you now own, you may want to become familiar with the pet services available in your area. There are many types of pet services, some of which you may need sooner rather than later. Some of these services are as follows, though you will want to become familiar with the services available in your local area. 


No matter what type of pet you have, their age, or where you live, you should familiarize yourself with the animal medical services in your area. Your pet should have been examined within a few days of welcoming them into your home to ensure that you got a nice healthy animal, which would have initiated their relationship with their vet. Regular check-ups are crucial for a healthy pet, even exotic animals. Find and become familiar with a vet or animal hospital near you so that you have somewhere to take your pet in case of emergency.


Sometimes it is just not possible to always have your animal with you. Fortunately, there are likely pet boarding or pet sitting services near you that can help out. Some pet-boarders can be expensive, though there are many options including neighbors, friends, small local businesses. 


If you feel that your pet will be more comfortable in your own home, and you trust them to not make a mess, you may want to look into hiring a pet concierge. These local professionals will offer personalized services potentially including taking your pet to grooming appointments, on walks, and maybe even home services like watering your plants. They will visit your animal in your home, feed them, and make sure they are doing well. If you have a pet concierge in your area you, should talk to them about what they offer. 

In conclusion, depending on where you live and what you are willing to pay, you can likely find a pet service for any aspect of pet ownership that you need help with. Your veterinarian will likely be a great source of information as to what are safe and appropriate care practices for your new pet. When in doubt, it never hurts to reach out and ask questions to those who run pet services in your area. Good luck caring for your new pet!


15 December 2020

Loving Your Pets

After our youngest daughter was in high school, I realized that I liked having people around to take care of and that my window for doing that was closing quickly. Instead of having more children, I decided to see about adopting a pet or two. I looked everywhere for a dog and a cat that would meld well with my lifestyle, and it was incredible to find a pet that I really connected with. However, I was able to find pets that I absolutely adored, and so I made them a part of our home. This blog is here to help new pet owners to adjust to their new situation and to learn to love everything about having new pets.