3 Tips to Gain Peace of Mind for Your Dog's First Boarding Stay

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Becoming a first-time dog owner means that you will have many new experiences with your dog. Bonding, exercising, playing, and training are a few things you might do in the first few days and weeks. Another thing you may plan on doing is boarding them at a facility.

Sometimes, you go on a trip where your dog cannot come along. Learning several tips will help you gain peace of mind when taking your pet to a dog boarding facility for the first time.

Live Webcams

Prioritize boarding facilities with live webcams in the play areas and suites. This way, you can watch your dog while they eat, relax, or sleep in their suite during their stay. Another benefit is seeing them spending time in the play areas and even playing or socializing with other dogs.

Boarding facilities often have employees watching the dogs at all times. A live webcam makes it easy to look at all the dogs and ensure someone is keeping an eye on them. You will feel better about being away after watching the webcam and seeing your dog in excellent care.

Bedding and Toys

While your dog can use the facility's bedding and play around in the play areas, you can bring bedding and toys to provide the best experience. For instance, your dog will likely feel comforted when you bring their bedding that has their scent and your scent on each piece.

A major benefit of bringing your dog's toys is that you know they will be interested in playing with them since they already do at home.

Consider rubbing worn clothing on your dog's bedding and their favorite treats on the toys to make them as familiar as possible during their stay.

Feeding Preparation

When you bring your dog in for boarding, you want to ensure they have a consistent routine, including feeding. The easiest way to prepare for feeding your dog is to divide each meal into small bags that you bring to the facility and hand off along with your dog.

The measurement process will ensure that your dog is fed the same amount during their boarding stay. Some boarding facilities require you to pick up your dog by a specific time, or they will stay overnight. So, you can add a few extra meal bags in case you experience any travel delays to ensure your dog gets the right type and amount of food.

Applying these tips will give you peace of mind during your dog's first boarding stay.


23 August 2022

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