Don't Eat That! 4 Signs Your Dog Has Ingested A Poison

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Dogs are constantly sniffing around, looking for new things to eat. Some of the things they'll find to eat might not be safe for them. To prevent your dog from accidental poisonings, it's important that you pet-proof your home, as much as possible. That includes keeping some foods away from your pet. Some of the foods that are toxic for your dog include onions, chocolate, and grapes – to name just a few.

26 January 2017

5 Tips For Housebreaking A Yorkshire Terrier Puppy

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Yorkshire terriers may be small in size, but they have big personalities and make wonderful and loyal pets. Few things are cuter than a tiny Yorkie puppy, but when you bring your new pet home, it will take some time and effort to train him or her. Most new owners of a Yorkie puppy focus on housebreaking first. If you're adding a Yorkie puppy to your family in the near future, use the following housebreaking tips:

25 January 2017

Ready To Adopt A Kitten? What Professionals To Arrange First

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If you are getting ready to adopt a kitten and you aren't sure what all you need to do in advance, it's important to make arrangements before you bring the animal home. You want to know how you're going to care for the pet if there is an emergency, how you're going to keep the cat safe and entertained while you have to travel or go to work, and you want to know how to train and entertain the kitten.

31 October 2016

Got A New Puppy? 4 Reasons You Need To Stay On Top Of Their Dental Health

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If you have a new puppy, it is essential that you stay on top of your new puppy's dental health. Below is an overview of the top four reasons why you need to make sure that you take your new puppy in for a dental exam at your vets at least once a year. #1 Clean Up Plaque & Tartar Through the day, plaque and tartar build up on your dog's teeth just like they build up on your teeth throughout the day.

27 October 2016

Three Reasons Why You Should Take Two Pups From The Same Litter

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If you are planning and preparing for a French bulldog, it is best to put down a deposit on the pup that you want before the litter of dogs has arrived. If you want a specific breed, it can be difficult to find a reputable breeder and get a puppy after the litter is born. Therefore, it is a good idea to put down a deposit if you do find a breeder prior to the litter being born.

25 October 2016

Using The Internet To Find A Missing Dog

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If you've lost your dog, you've probably already taken common steps like setting up flyers around town or telling all your neighbors to be on the lookout. While these are great ideas, utilizing the internet to find your dog can be a useful tool, too. Read on to learn how the internet can help to reunite you with your precious pup. Social Media You can use your social media accounts to help spur an effort to find your missing dog.

13 October 2016

Tips For Choosing A Pet Snake

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If you are one of the many people looking for an animal companion and considering a snake, you may be wondering which type to get. There are many options available, especially if you visit a pet store that offers reptiles for sale. The following guide can help you decide which type of snake is a good fit for you. How much room do you have for the snake? Your first decision revolves around tank size.

12 October 2016

Time to Pick Your Pup up from the Breeders? 2 Simple Tricks to Make House Training Easier

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If you're in the process of preparing your home for your new, furry addition, it's time to prepare for the most important lesson your new puppy will ever learn—house training. Without proper house training, your puppy will relieve itself all over your home. Those messes might not be difficult to clean up while your puppy is small, but once your dog is full-grown, you're going to be grateful that you took the time right now to house train.

11 October 2016

Three Ways To Make Your Cat Less Homesick While It's At A Boarding Kennel

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When you're going on an extended vacation or business trip, finding adequate accommodations for a cat can be a real pain. Fortunately, if you don't have any friends you can trust available for cat sitting, putting the cat in a boarding kennel will allow you to go on your trip without worrying too much. If your cat tends to get anxious when it's away from you, check out these three ways to make your cat less homesick while it's at a boarding kennel.

10 October 2016

4 Home Remedies For Doggy Breath

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Sharing your home with a dog can be exciting and rewarding, but it can quickly become an inconvenience if your dog suffers from bad breath. While your veterinarian can provide the dental care your dog needs to help reduce bad breath, there are some simple things that you can do at home to further prevent doggy breath from putting a damper on the time you spend with your pet. Here are four simple home remedies for doggy breath.

10 October 2016